William Mathewson Devices’ pedals are designed and crafted based on a few specific principles.
We hate digital modeling. Digital modeling pedals and amps suck the life from your playing. Tone, depth, feel and response become muddy and bland when sound is “processed”. WMD pedals are entirely analog. The difference is in the way they feel when you play through one. The Geiger Counter uses digital technology defects in an analog way as a destructive effect.

Depth and tone. Tone is king, but it’s also subjective, which is why WMD pedals provide incredible tonal variety. We have sculpted our filter stages and preamps to provide killer yet versatile tone. To connect you to the tone, the upmost of depth and responsiveness is designed into WMD pedals. Responsiveness yields intuitive and dramatic performance possabilities.

Control. WMD pedals have knobs that actually do stuff, and more of them. Plus, they provide a bigger range of control. We understand that tone is subjective, and different players want different things. We design the controls to go further, giving the player the freedom to experiment, even if our pedals end up making some funny noises at some settings.

Nontraditional Features. WMD pedals are designed to inspire creativity, we include features that allow the pedal to be used in strange ways. All of our pedals have key inputs for fruitful experimentation

Quality. We scrutinize over every little detail from design to production. We use only the very best and most musical components. 1% film resistors, polypropelene caps, and long life pots and switches. We use heavy duty die cast aluminum enclosures, powder coated and baked at 400° giving them an indestructable and beautiful finish to withstand the rigors of the road.

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